Dark nights and frosty mornings can drain you of the willpower needed to make that early morning spin class or to stop off at the gym on the way home.  But before you know it summer will be here, and as most fitness experts will tell you, a two-week crash course will not achieve the beach-ready body you crave. The key to a healthy, toned body is a consistent routine. So, we asked the Fitness instructors at Edgbaston Priory Club for their top tips to keep you motivated during the winter months.

Be Smart

Set yourself, specific, realistic and achievable goals.  Whether you want to lose weight or run a marathon, break the end goal down into small steps and give yourself some concrete targets to achieve along the way.  You’ll gain a sense of achievement when you reach the smaller targets which will keep you motivated to reach your ultimate goal.

Find yourself a workout buddy

Exercising with a friend, or trainer, will provide you with a structured routine. They’ll be there to support and motivate you towards your goals, making your journey to a fitter body a whole lot more fun!  You’ll also be less likely to give an early morning run a miss or cancel an exercise class, if it means letting someone down.

Try something new

Sign up for a new class or take up a new sport.  Whether its yoga, cycling, squash or tennis, trying something completely different will engage the brain and stop you getting bored which often results in those new year’s resolutions being dumped.

Embrace the season

Enjoy an invigorating outdoor swim (Edgbaston Priory Club’s heated outdoor pool is open all year round) or be brave and swap the treadmill for an outdoor run.  But do remember, our bodies tend to be much tighter during the colder winter months, so spend more time warming up to keep yourselves injury free.

Avoid comfort eating

It may be tempting to comfort eat but your body won’t thank you come summertime. Stick to a healthy and nutritious diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables plus sufficient lean protein.

Treat yourself to some new kit

There’s nothing like new gear for great motivation!  Over recent years, sportswear has become far more fashionable, using a fantastic material with vibrant colours.  Edgbaston Priory Club’s shop (open to the public) features some great brands, including gym lines from the great tennis icon, Bjorn Borg.

Don’t punish yourself

You’re bound to blow it some days, either by missing the odd workout or over-indulging. That’s okay! Don’t punish yourself for the occasional slip and don’t use it as an excuse to give up.  Just keep going and by the summer your healthy routine will become a habit you won’t be able to kick!

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