We’re delighted that our trial Padel court has arrived and will be ready to book and play from Friday 23rd July.

During the six-month trial all racquets, tennis, squash, racketball and lifestyle/leisure members may book the court free-of-charge.

We’ve put together a brief Q&A together with news of how to get involved and start enjoying Padel Tennis.

What is Padel Tennis?

Padel Tennis is one of the fastest growing sports. It is a mix between tennis and squash with the biggest difference being that the serve in Padel is underarm (😊) and that balls can be played off the walls in a similar way as in squash.

It’s a great sport for players of all ages and skills, as it’s both quick and easy to pick up. Most players get the basics within the first half an hour of playing so that they can enjoy the game.

It’s usually played in doubles on an enclosed court surrounded by walls of glass and metallic mesh. The court is one third of the size of a tennis court.  It is played with a short, stringless racquet and a low compression tennis ball.

The scoring and rules are very similar to tennis but the ball can bounce off the back and side walls (allowing for longer rallies) but can only hit the turf once before being returned. Points are scored when the ball does bounce twice in the competitors’ field.

Come and learn how to play Padel Tennis

Leyla Ogan and Mike Edwards are both fully qualified Padel Tennis coaches and will be offering free introductory sessions to members available to book on MyCourts. Sessions will vary from week to week dependent upon Mike and Leyla’s availability.

Each member is only permitted to book one introductory session.

How do I book a court?

You can book your court on MyCourts.

Can I hire equipment?

We have four rackets available for hire from Reception for £40.00 for the four (refundable upon their safe return).  Balls need to be purchased from Reception and cost from £5 a can for training balls.

Will there be any organised sessions for members?

The Padel Court will also be available to try out on the following club sessions:

  • All Social Tennis Sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday)
  • Family Tennis and Squash Sessions
    Saturday 3pm to 4pm
    Sunday 2pm to 4pm

Padel Tennis Open Day – Saturday 14th August

On Saturday 14th August, we will be hosting a Padel Open Day for members, guests and the local community. Come along and enjoy:

  • 10am-1pm
    30-minute taster coaching sessions
  • 1pm – 2pm
    Exhibition Match featuring four top ten players including one Team GB player
  • 2pm – 4pm – Beat the Pro sessions
    Club members can take on the player throughout the afternoon in fun matches.

If you are interested in attending our Open Day on 14th August please contact our Racquets Coordinator Abbey Marshall.

Pop up Drop Shot Shop

On the day there will also be a full Dropshot pop-up shop to showcase equipment, including rackets, shoes, clothing, balls and bags.

We’re really excited about bringing Padel Tennis to the club – it’s such a relaxed and enjoyable sport for everyone to enjoy.

Come and give it a go and tell all your friends!