As we enter week seven of lockdown, it’s time to add some variety to your home workouts.  Club personal trainer, Mike Price, brings you his five top favourite online workouts to spice up your home-based programme and give your focus and energy a new lift.  These workouts are not for the faint-hearted (would you expect anything less from our resident King of Pain!) so don’t overdo it!

Here’s Mike top five recommendations:


Hannah Eden is a well respected HIIT training instructor, combining strength and cardio workouts. Always energetic and innovative, I love her passion for fitness and dynamic workouts. Not for the faint hearted!


Jeff Cavaliere is an awesome source of top training ideas and fitness information. Incredibly well informed, honest and to the point. Much of his content is free and he clearly practices what he preaches. A great starting point for bodyweight and weighted exercise.


My favourite Les Mills class – BodyCombat. Mixed martial arts inspired training offering an aerobic, strength and core workout with amazing energy and world class coaching. My go to workout when I need to de stress.


Jeff Nippard is another great source of science based exercise routines. Coming from a bodybuilding background he backs up all his videos with fact checked research and has produced videos to help with strength training at home during the crisis.


Less of a fitness class, but a great source of fitness and health information. Quirky videos looking at different topics each week. Well researched and informative, debunking myths and delivering science based facts.

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